You have no choice about the fact you need a philosophy, your only choice is whether you consciously define it.

It took me over 50 years of studying and investing to learn some of the gems Jonathan shares. This is a book not only for the novice investor but a refresher for the experienced trader as well.
– Jim Van Meerten,

Jonathan Hoenig has penned a unique and valuable contribution to the world’s collection of investment books.
– Thom Hartle,

Jonathan Hoenig has written a masterpiece that should be in every trader’s library.
– Phil Flynn, The PRICE Futures Group

Ignore Hoenig’s wisdom at your financial peril.
– Michael Covel,

Price is Primary integrates price trends with human conception like no other book.
– Seth Levine,

Discover the radical investment philosophy that anybody can learn to become more profitable. Price is Primary: the investment session, book and one-on-one coaching provide an immediately useful approach to help you invest more successfully.

Learn how to understand trends, place trades and set follow-up orders in order to maximize winners and minimize losses.

Gain a strategic understanding to make your own, profitable decisions in any asset, even crypto.

An active investor since he was a teen, a professional since his early 20s, Jonathan Hoenig will empower you in this entertaining, provocative and useful program.